Our practical sheets

Our practical sheets

Condominium fees

Co-property information

When a building is in co-ownership, the sums necessary to finance the collective equipment (elevators...), the maintenance, the conservation or the restoration of the common parts are distributed between the co-owners. These charges are decided by thegeneral meeting of co-owners.

There are 2 main types of condominium fees:

  • - General expenses, which correspond to the conservation, maintenance and administration of the common areas. They are: the fees of the managing agent, the cleaning costs, the repair of theelectrical installation...
  • - The special charges, which allow to finance the common equipment and the collective services of which the building is equipped. They are: the collective antenna, the elevator, the collective heating...

The co-ownership regulations determine the share of charges that must be paid by each co-ownership lot. The charges are distributed between the lots:

  • - Proportionally to the value of the private parts, for the general charges,
  • - According to the usefulness of the common equipment or the collective service for a lot. For example, the higher the lot is located on a floor, the more it will pay for the elevator.

Each co-owner must pay the charges corresponding to his lot:

  • - On the 1st day of the quarter, or on the date fixed by thegeneral assembly of co-owners, for the calls for funds corresponding to the provisional budget voted by the general assembly,
  • - On the date fixed by the generalassembly of co-owners, for the calls for funds not foreseen in the provisional budget.